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Interview x Movie Date

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hi all, I've been dying to update this space, but my phone decided to die on me and all my blogging materials are as good as gone! ): I didn't want to fill this space with just words, so I ended up having to wait till I had a phone..

Thank God my boyfriend had a spare iphone 4 which I could borrow. I really can't imagine living without a handphone till end of this month! Can't wait to lay my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4 already! :X

So back to topic, I wore this outfit for an interview and movie date last Saturday. (Yes, I finally caught Iron Man 3. Better late than never!) I woke up slightly later than expected and was rushing to find something to wear, hence, I decided to just throw on a little black dress, formal enough, yet not as formal as office wear, if that even makes sense..

Decided to add on dashes of colours with my choice of a bright coloured handbag and ballerina flats from Pedro, featuring yellow nautical stripes. What do you think about this outfit? Do feel free to comment. (:

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