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Interview x Movie Date

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hi all, I've been dying to update this space, but my phone decided to die on me and all my blogging materials are as good as gone! ): I didn't want to fill this space with just words, so I ended up having to wait till I had a phone..

Thank God my boyfriend had a spare iphone 4 which I could borrow. I really can't imagine living without a handphone till end of this month! Can't wait to lay my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4 already! :X

So back to topic, I wore this outfit for an interview and movie date last Saturday. (Yes, I finally caught Iron Man 3. Better late than never!) I woke up slightly later than expected and was rushing to find something to wear, hence, I decided to just throw on a little black dress, formal enough, yet not as formal as office wear, if that even makes sense..

Decided to add on dashes of colours with my choice of a bright coloured handbag and ballerina flats from Pedro, featuring yellow nautical stripes. What do you think about this outfit? Do feel free to comment. (:

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Dress Up Day & Epilogue Cafe @ OC

Friday, May 17, 2013

Today was a night out with the dearest, Diyanah. Surprisingly, we were both clad in pink.. Totally unplanned coincidence!

I wore a neon dress and tamed the whole look with a white studded tailored vest. Grabbed my favourite handbag to match my dress and the Dirty Laundry boots in pewter to toughen up the whole girly look. (:

My friend, Diyanah, went all out for a girl-next-door style with her fuschia cardigan and colourful printed dress. She also threw on a brown belt to accentuate her waistline. Ballerina flats and a black handbag from Coach, which went well with her shoes.

On a heavier note, we were supposed to catch The Grand Gatsby, but the cinemas were mostly full, with the exception of the front seats. What a disappointment! ): In the end, we've decided to leave that plan for end of the month.

So, we decided to head to Epilogue Cafe for a little treat instead. Our initial plan was the chocolate brownie with ice-cream, but the kitchen was closed.

I ended up getting the tiramisu, which I really really regretted because it tasted like nothing but liquor to me! It was way too overwhelming! I would have far preferred something more creamy with a little sweetness to it.

As for Diyanah, she got a chocolate muffin which looked pretty good. At least, I believe it would have been far better than my alcoholic tasting tiramisu.

To sign off, I'd say my Friday night was pretty fulfilling. How about you? Hope yours went well too! (:             

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Denim x Bold Prints

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Woke up this morning with the greetings of the pitter-pattering rain, yet again. Such cold weather, really ~! The perfect weather to sleep in... But there I was, preparing to head to work.

Since I was feeling lazy, I just threw on my navy blue maxi dress with bold prints. Good way to brighten up a boring and dark Thursday morning. Then, factoring in the cold weather, I layered my acid washed denim jacket over the whole outfit and wore my trusty Pedro black studded flats.

Overall, I love how denim jackets adds on a certain classy yet edgy feel to outfits. Definitely one of my all-time to go wardrobe essentials! What about yours? (:

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Dressing Up With Combat Boots

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Seems like the rainy season is starting to set in again.. Been raining for the past few days, leaving the weather pretty cool... (:

So, I was out with Nora yesterday for dinner at Cityhall. Since it was raining in the morning, I thought I'd take the chance to wear my Dirty Laundry Combat boots in pewter which I got from Nastygal.com a while back.. (: They've been hiding in the box forever, since I was too lazy to wear it in the humid weather. :/

To show a little contrast to the tough look, I wore an army green dress. And topped it off with a studded distressed denim vest. I wanted to create an edgy, but casual look.

Last but not least, to brighten up the mundane colours, I added a shocking pink bag with gold studs to add a little oopmhhh to the whole outfit! Hope you guys loved it. (: Feel free to comment too! ^^

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