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Work & Earl Grey Tea @ The Cookie Museum

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hi everyone, here's to show everyone I'm still kicking and alive. So to my foes, too bad for you ~! =P Hahaha! Just kidding.. (P.S I love this knit top from Zara !! No regrets splurging on this.)

Here's my happy pill at work !! I had to do an update here on my blog. Can't stand how she is making me laugh at work everyday. Her jokes are seriously funny !! And I love how she doesn't even need to try to be funny. (:

AND! On a random note, I finally got 2 new charms (the bouquet and the gift) for my bracelet. ^^ 2-3 more charms away from a full bracelet !! I'm proud of it.. Can't wait for my second bracelet already. *Jumps in excitement* !

Lastly, for Earl Grey lovers, you may want to try this Lady Earl from The Cookie Museum. It's a fusion of Earl Grey and Lavender tea. It's light, yet fragrant. Totally in loveee with this ~! (: Go on and try it now, it's at Esplanade, just right beside Max Brenner's. (:

(P.P.S It's my birthday next month. I wish time didn't pass this fast.:/ I'm feeling old already !)

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