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Back to Work After A Long Weekend

Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to work after a long weekend! So, this morning was really hectic with me rushing to the bank before work to get my debit card replaced because my itchy hands decided to tear the damaged film off the card and ended up REALLY damaging it!! ):

My team lead was even joking with me how I spent too much which was why my card got damaged. Lol!! :3 Anyways, I think it's super cool how the new DBS card has this pay wave function, though not many places has it yet.. (Okay luh, I know it has been around for sometime and I'm damn lag.) Ohwells!!

Then, off to work. Got myself my favourite iced chai tea latte and breakfast wrap for brunch while on the way.... (: By the time I got to the office however, the wrap was already soggy. )': Note to self: Never dapao anything that can get soggy for lunch! (Stupidest thing to do!)

In the end, I didn't even finish it. Really wasted. I still have half the wrap lying here right beside me now! Opps! :X

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