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Rainy Tuesday x New Samsung Galaxy S4 Cover

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hey there ~!! How has your Tuesday been? Mine was a lazy lazy one with the perfect weather to sleep in.. But there I was, 8 in the morning, dragging myself up for work.... )': I wish I could sleep in, I really do!! *Inserts puppy eyes*

However, once I reached work it was an entirely different issue with both my lovely colleagues here. We were joking around the whole time. (Pardon my QQ fringe, it's not exactly a good fringe day. :/)

So, during lunch, I finally got to try the fish soup beehoon with milk.... Honestly, I think it was just so-so! Pretty disappointing since I saw so many people having that. My all-time favourite stall is still the one at Tanjong Pagar PSA Complex. That totally beats this stall hands down ~!! Best of all the fish soup stalls I've tried to date! (;

In addition, my baby S4 also had "new clothes" for the day! ^^ Got this super cute nautical, polka dotted theme cover from Serangoon, NEX Shopping Center after work yesterday. (;

Being a nautical theme lover, I knew I had to grab this when I set my eyes on it weeks back, while there with my friends. SO HERE IT IS!! XD I'm super into the smooth, matte feeling of this cover. (If that even makes sense.) And for $15, I thought the price is pretty ok!

For those who are interested, they are located at the cinema level of NEX and the name of the shop is Benoi Mobile Accessories. They have a selection of cute covers there. If you are thinking of getting a new cover for your phone, you can consider going down!! (:

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