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Pet Neon Red Crayfish

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hello all ~! I just got 2 new pets and wanted to share the joy with my readers! (: Most people would keep dogs, bunnies, even fishes or hamsters as pets... But me?? 2 super cute neon red crayfishes! I've had the brown one in the above picture for about 2 weeks now. He seems pretty passive, mostly hiding behind the rock in his tank.

He only comes out of his hiding place during feeding time and scurries back into his hide-out once he senses any movements ! Oh, and he loves to dig under the gravels until he finds a secure hiding place as well. What a shy boy indeed! (P.S If you were wondering how I know about his sexuality, read on! ^^)

On the other hand, I just got this super bright orange cutie at a fish farm in Pasir Ris today. (: So far, she has been really active and I've witnessed her trying to escape from her tank so many times ! Thank God the tank has a lid or she might just end up missing in action !!

Since she is slightly bigger in size, I gave her a bigger home. However, her tank is still relatively empty and I am thinking of getting some plastic plants or a small rock for her to hide. Might be going back to the fish farm for those when I am available! (:

So, after all these he/she talk, you must be puzzled as to how I managed to differentiate the sexuality of my pet crayfishes. Here's how!! (Refer to the diagram below.) Pretty interesting, huh? (;

If you are thinking of getting one as a pet now, you can get them at aquarium shops or even fish farms. They are relatively hardy creatures, but if you do not have a big tank, it's best to keep only one, as they tend to fight.

Apart from that, they require a lot of oxygen as well, so if the water is overhead, it'll be advisable to put oxygen bubbles. Alternatively, you can just put a little bit of water (just slightly below their head) and you will be fine as well! (: Either way, don't forget the anti-chlorine!

As for food, I will feed them just once a day with floating pellets and change their water every 1.5 weeks or so.

Just a little tip: When the water temperature gets a little warm (inevitable in this humid climate of Singapore), you can add some ice cubes into their tank to help cool down the water temperature. Shell creatures usually prefer lower temperatures. Overall, I find them pretty interesting pets and relatively easy to keep. (:

(P.P.S Do you own a crayfish or any interesting pets as well? Feel free to drop a comment and share your experiences below.)

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Blogger eldarimari said:

your crayfish looks delicious

August 13, 2013 at 3:57 PM 

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