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Sakura International Buffet Treat

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hello, my fellow readers ~! (: So yesterday, the boy picked me up after work and decided to bring me for an impromptu buffet treat at Sakura International Buffet @ Tampines SAFRA. And me being me, the first thing that I chiong-ed for was the sashimi. Friends who know me well enough will know how much I love it!!

More pictures of the food we had! (: If you are wondering what that clove-looking thing is, it's actually squids. When it was first served, I even thought it was garlics! :X Hahaha, silly me! The food was kind of meh though, not as good as I thought. ):

Then, there was what the chinese calls "dou miao" and salmon teriyaki as well. The salmon teriyaki was pretty okay in my opinion. However, the boy kept gobbling up the dou miao. It's one of the rare moments I've seen him eat so healthy! Hahaha!! Opps! :X

My favourite dishes for the night! Golden sand prawns and boiled prawns. The shell of the boiled prawns came out really easily, which in turn meant it was really fresh and well-cooked. It was one of the best dish of the night in my opinion. (:

Apart from that, of course, was the Ben & Jerry's ice-cream with their in-house brownies. Really heavenly! XD The thought of that is making me salivate already... Too bad I was too full from the sashimi feast to finish the ice-cream that I took. ): Overall, I thought the spread there was just average. It seems that the standard have dropped (from what I last remembered).

Last but not least, I also received my first birthday card from Xcellink! (: For the past year, they have never failed to send me a card. Thank you so much for your effort. ^^ Speaking of which, it makes me feel so old that my 22nd is in less than 2 weeks time. :/ Ohwells.... I definitely hope this year is going to be a blast. (:

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