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Sashimi Feast @ Sushi Tei

Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's been awhile, you all ~!! So, for the first time of my life, I tried the uni sashimi at Sushi Tei @ JEM. Sashimi has been my biggest love ever since I've remembered and I've always wanted to try uni.

However, upon knowing that it's sea urchin, I would say none of my friends that I've gone to Japanese Restaurants with dared to eat it! ): What a disappointment... And since it's really hard to prepare, uni sashimi is usually a little pricey, so I never ordered it.

Until I was out with the bitch last Sunday, she suddenly suggested trying that. I was surprised, yet happy that finally, someone dared to try it with me! :D

The feeling of having that lucious piece of uni in our mouths is just orgasmic !! The serving was pretty generous for $38 and  it was really flavourful. Totally loved it ~!!

In the end, our total bill came up to around $122, for just 2 ladies! Talk about pigging out! :/

To end off this post, here's a picture of the bitch and myself with our uni. ^^ Look at our excited + satisfied faces ~!! This is a definite must-try for all sashimi lovers if you do visit Sushi Tei. Our next target is the pufferfish sashimi, if we can find it! (;

(P.S Are you a sashimi lover as well? Feel free to share any restaurants which serves awesome sashimi !)

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